Welcome to Cavo Bianco, for a lifetime experience to an unforgettable island, Santorini.

Atop cliffs overlooking a sunken volcano, Santorini was sculptured to the last detail by nature itself.

Through the narrow cobbled streets, history unfolds itself allowing you to appreciate the picturesque beauty of Santorini.

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Cavo Bianco Resort combines beauty with pleasure, breathtaking surroundings with exceptional facilities, high class accommodation with impeccable service. If you wish for luxurious holidays at an elegant, stylish environment with a traditional touch, then Cavo Bianco Resort is the place for you. It combines luxury and style with modern amenities.

Conveniently located just 5km from the international airport on the island of Santorini and 10 km from Athinios port and the capital of Fira, this elegant resort is set amidst a lush garden just a 5-minute walk from the renowned Kamari beach, but comprises also two fresh-water outdoor swimming pools. The modern clean lines and natural materials used throughout the hotel make it a true sanctuary of tranquillity and are complemented with all the contemporary amenities for a comfortable stay. Any meal in the fantastic restaurant will turn into a feast – from the starters to the salads, the main courses and the desserts, only the best quality ingredients are used for a unique culinary experience in Santorini.

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  • Gym & Spa Centre
    • For those who can’t let not even a day pass by without going to the gym don’t worry, we have excellent equipment available just you. Relax and pamper yourself at Cavo Bianco Resort Spa and Wellness Centre, where you can have a soothing massage, enjoy a calming aromatherapy or feel rejuvenated by a Reiki treatment.
    • A calm and tranquil atmosphere dominates at our spa, while it is reinforced by sented cantles and soft music. A well-equipped gym with cardio vascular and weight lifting machines.
    • A tranquil atmosphere enhanced with aromatic candles and soothing music. Menu focuses on relaxation and beauty treatments for mind and body balance using professional massage techniques and natural oil extracts.
  • Swimming Pools
    • Cavo Bianco Resort features a main swimming pool along with two smaller private pools for the exclusive room types.
    • Comfortable size longs, puffy armchairs, sofas and umbrellas offer a cool and refreshing environment against the summer’s heat.
    • Guests can enjoy a rejuvenating swim and let the sun bath them, while sipping a delicious cocktail or getting a light meal at our beautiful Pool Bar.


  • Cavo Bianco Restaurant is housed in the resort. It is a typical Santorinian restaurant ready to satisfy all your senses. The restaurant masters in providing contemporary comforts, both indoors and outdoors, ideal for romantic dinners and joyful feasts with friends.
  • Our restaurant is the classy, yet relaxing setting you are seeking for your summer dining. Cavo Bianco Restaurant employs staff that is always eager to do only the best for our guests. If you take into account our chef’s great gastronomic suggestions, you will rank it among the most outstanding Santorini restaurants. We will be glad to welcome you daily from May to October.
  • At Cavo Bianco Restaurant, you will savor creative traditional Greek dishes with Mediterranean inflections. Our talented chef smartly applies his high aesthetics and skills on supreme traditional products of Santorini, Greece and the Mediterranean coming up with the most scrumptious dishes you have ever tasted. From the starters to the salads, the main courses and the desserts, best quality ingredients are used that treat you to a unique culinary experience in Santorini.
  • Tables impeccably laid with china and crystal glowing under the candlelight create a wonderful dinning environment. The fine aroma of the exquisite Greek and international dishes harmoniously blends with the smell of the island breeze, making your dinner an unforgettable experience.
  • The premium Santorini wines and other quality Greek labels on the wine list are all distinctive and their wonderful aroma and taste lift off the delectable dishes. Rest assured that you will be perfectly guided to opt for the wine that will give your dinner a unique dimension. At Cavo Bianco Restaurant, not only are you offered an enjoyable meal, but a chance to ‘devour’ Santorini.


The guests can combine the joy of sun and water, while enjoying their drinks, light snacks and barbecue. It is also a meeting point for early drinks and cocktails while the night is still young.