Ville Sull’Arno Boutique Hotel is one of the newest hotel of Planetaria Group. The elegant villa with a view on Arno river is conveniently located in central Florence, near Santa Maria Novella railway station.

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Our 45 neatly decorated rooms are distributed into two buildings: la Villa, central part of the hotel, where you will find tastefully decorated Florentine style rooms designed to evoke the joy of the journey, and specifically Goethe’s Italian journey in Italy. Our rooms at il Loggiato were designed to recall the glory of Macchiaiaoli painters – very active in Tuscany in the second half of the 19th century.

Our rooms all together recall the history of Ville sull’Arno through time, a historic residence formerly known as Casaccia that back in the late 19th century was the meeting point of Macchiaioli painters and hosted many artists and intellectuals.

At Ville Sull’Arno boutique hotel, we strive to offer the best travel experience for all our customers, make yourself comfortable in one of our suites and try out our exclusive restaurant Flora & Fauno, where our chef Martin Vitaloni will surprise you with a special reinvented menu of the most sophisticated dishes of Tuscan cuisine.

Ville sull’Arno, Planetaria Hotels Group, is the new Luxury Boutique Resort Hotel in Florence along the River Arno. 45 rooms, a blend of style, art, pursuit of wealth and imagination, skillfully carved in a place full of history: La Villa, the historic heart of the structure, in which they were made of some of the most prestigious Suites Resort with great artistic inspirations and great innovation in the field Hotellerie Il Loggiato, which is home to wonderful rooms in Florentine style with strong references to Italian art and painting from ‘800 Macchiaioli, who were great protagonists of the villa in ancient times Il Villino SPA, dedicated to those who seek contact with water, with the well-being and inner balance. Ville sull’Arno reveals a new concept, with its thousands meanings an ensemble of magnificent details of art and hospitality. The Villas leave space to imagination, aided by the Arno river, and listen the long harmonious sound of the water and the silnece of the magnificent garden, to enjoy that secret that only nature can unleash in a warm embrace of well-being thanks to its heated swimming pool. You can not miss the values ​​of the products of the Tuscan territory, inspirational world for the kitchen, a dip in traditional flavors to rediscover the taste of simplicity. Ville Sull’Arno, is a new 5-star Boutique Resort, not to miss the section dedicated to wellness, special moments to pamper and relax body and soul. On foot or by bike Florence is waiting to be discovered and Ville sull’Arno is the perfect place to continue the trip that you have just started.

Florence Christmas Markets
Take advantage of the many events organized in the city to find the most beautiful Christmas gifts and enjoy a relaxing stay in Florence. During the last month of the year, the historic centre is filled with colourful stalls full of opportunities and small treasures along with all kind of gastronomic delights.

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  • A Spa within walking distance from the center of Florence Unique space, the SPA Hotel Ville sull’Arno is one of the jewels of the romantic hotel. Original details, precious materials, decorations handmade by Florentine artisans… they are just some of the elements that distinguish the wonderful SPA.
  • The wellness program is also enriched with the most modern comforts. To complete the wellness special offer: personalized massages, spa treatments designed specifically for you, precious beauty products and body care. If you are looking for a hotel with SPA in Florence, Ville sull’Arno is the perfect 5-star hotel in Florence!


  • The new restaurant at Ville sull’Arno in Florence, with an eye to the past, one to the future and the taste within a present! Flora & Fauno is the new restaurant at Ville sull’Arno. The delicacy and elegance of Flora and spirit of the Faun chase and recall as in a forest symphony. Our chef’s imagination offers a fresh and innovative variation of the traditional Tuscan cuisine, creating unexpected alchemy to delight even the winged finest.
  • You can enjoy the cuisine creations in one of our stylish dining rooms, or at our magical dehors, pampering with a view of the Arno. The floral atmosphere and the lights of our dining rooms will immerse you in a secret forest where the dishes will bloom like magic flowers before your eyes: tortello pappa al pomodoro, smoked ribollita and the lamprey with scampi and Fois gras. What do these three dishes have in common? The boldness of our chef in resorting to the giants of the Florentine tradition, but also and above all respect for the tradition itself.
  • Tradition, which is not distorted but has been put in more “sexy” clothes – extravagant and certainly delicious. The tortello of durum wheat pasta filled with tomato soup relies on raw prawns and slips directly from the celeriac in her mouth! Ribollita is all smoke and no fire: In fact, the chef makes up with the mullet and the chutney with pears and almonds. The lamprey was and remains a humble dish, but his chaps are not poor at all: Fois gras frosted with acacia honey, freshly cooked prawns. Great combination. For all our dishes use regional raw materials, drawing on our scented garden for all the flavors.
  • The Restaurant & Flora Fauno is open for lunch from 12:30 to 14:30 and from 19:30 to 22:30 for dinner. The restaurant serves a light lunch from 14:30 to 19:30.